It isn’t enough to make money without also making a difference.

I tried corporate.  Tried it for years.  Tried to meet company expectations and live up to the narrative of a corporate professional.

I was successful as long as I believed the lie that this was the life I wanted.  As long as I didn’t dare to dream or think too much about all the adventures I was missing.

And maybe it was necessary for a while until I could clearly articulate what I didn’t want, what wasn’t working.

Dissatisfaction, as it turns out, can be rocket fuel.

So, when the opportunity to move to Thailand (with him) came knocking...I lept.

I lept faith-first into a slower, simpler life, a welcoming community and the ancient traditions that held it together.  I lept back into childhood memories of far-flung countries and cultures my heart remembered.

It turns out that letting go of all the “shoulds” in life and love can lead to the best kind of liberation.

Natasha Buckland OBM

We may have moved halfway around the world together but I stayed for me.

When I began to pull the pieces of my life back together in alignment with my joy and my integrity I discovered nothing less than my resilience, my tenacity, my grace, and strength that lived deep beneath my skin.  I found community and yoga and meditation and courage.

I became intensely curious about how I could reimagine my life and my life’s work.

I love asking questions and getting creative with the “how”.

I love listening deeply, gathering insight and wisdom like shells from Gili Meno Island.

I live to solve problems and support women with a heart-centred vision.

The strategy, collaboration and goals we accomplish fuel me.

So, I started a VA business that allowed me to work remotely (no more offices!) and carve out a life that felt creative, true and joy-full both in front of my laptop and practising contemplative photography from city streets to woodlands to my own garden and everywhere in between.

It felt like a natural evolution then, to become an online business manager. To weave 15 years of experience online and off into a collaboration that gives me the freedom to do more of what I love while still partnering with the entrepreneurs who are here to change the world.

My son has never known the dreary corporate professional going through the motions of an expected, predictable life. And I hope he never does.

I hope he only ever knows the confident, creative Mum who cares deeply about the businesses she helps.

When you realise that the only plan for your life that makes any sense is the one you design for yourself, you forge an unbreakable devotion to your intuition and integrity.

You hone in on the goals that matter most and learn to be flexible with how you get there.  And these become the things you look for in others.

You look for the ones who live and breathe their values through every team member, every customer interaction, every product or service, every message or ad campaign.

You search out entrepreneurs intent on making a difference while they make money.  And companies dedicated to leaving the world better than they found it.

And even though I’m based out of the UK now I love working with clients from around the world.

I love stepping into these businesses to bring projects and launches to life, set up scalable systems and encourage collaboration and creativity amongst team members. Because growth is only truly gratifying when you stay connected and committed to the vision and values that got you here.

Myers Briggs: INFJ | Kolbe A: 8-6-3-3 | Enneagram: 2w1 | Human Design: 5/1 Sacral Generator