Facebook & Instagram Ads

Growing your business is an act of courage. Expanding your community is an act of love.

Your thriving business is proof that you’ve created a devoted following.

You’ve shown up over and over again with a clear vision, a heart of service and unwavering ethics until gathered strangers became trusted clients.  And their loyalty became the backbone of your business.

Ads are essential to expanding your brand awareness, your impact and your following.

But you’d never put the community you built at risk with sleazy sales tactics. Even if they promise big results, even if you see them everywhere you look, even if all the “marketing experts” endorse them because choosing to grow with integrity intact is the whole point.

And although you’d never compromise your values for the sake of clicks, it’s hard not to feel frustrated when you’re not getting the results you want, and you secretly wonder if you’re just donating money to Zuckerberg.

Things can start to feel a little crazy when you’re checking Ads Manager 237 times a day (and once before bed) wondering how long you should let it run before you start to play with the variables.

But there are so many variables, should you…

And then the algorithm changes and you feel like you’re starting from scratch again.

If you have a hunch that you aren’t harnessing the full power of Facebook or Instagram Ads. If everything feels like guesswork and you’re not sure what the data is telling you. 

Or if your jam-packed schedule doesn’t have room for you to figure all of this out, I’ve got your back.


Growth, Grit 'n Grace

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Personalised ad strategy + implementation for Facebook and Instagram designed to fit with your unique brand and audience and work in alignment with your sales process. I’ll use ethical marketing principles that keep your values intact while building, testing and optimising targeted and profitable campaigns that have higher engagement, bring in higher quality leads and are sustainable and scalable. 

Because when you put clients first and take the time to step into their shoes you make it easier for them to say yes.

You CAN create ads that:

AND still have a conversion rate worth celebrating.

Growth, Grit 'n Grace is perfect for you if:

It’s time to design an ad strategy that reflects the values of the community you’ve created.

Do it yourself

Power Hour 1:1 Bespoke Coaching Call

Need a little nudge in the right direction?  Want a second pair of expert eyes on your ad campaigns to help you figure out what’s not working? 

Here’s how it works:

You’ll start by scheduling our call and completing a questionnaire designed to help you identify the most important area of focus for our session.

Here are some ideas of what we could cover in an hour…

    • We could review and audit an existing or previous ad campaign with tips on how best to monitor, optimise or scale it
    • Or we could discuss who to target and how to create and refine your audiences using FB’s detailed targeting options 
    • Or we could create a strategy that will speak to your ideal clients and get the best possible results
    • Or we could figure out which type of campaign will help you reach your goals
    • Or we could discuss the best retargeting strategy
    • Or we could walk-through how to set up the Facebook pixel and standard events
    • Or we could go over which hard and soft metrics you should be tracking and what they mean
Price £100

Done for you

Facebook & Instagram Ads Strategy & Campaign Management

We’ll begin with a questionnaire designed to understand your business and sales process so I can analyse how ads will best support your brand and product goals.  We’ll discuss what you’ve already tried and the results you’ve had and I’ll review past and current campaigns in your Ads Manager.  Then, I’ll create a personalised ad strategy that’s aligned with your values and has your customer at its heart so you can continue to show up and serve your community authentically.

I’ll create, set up and test your targeting to ensure your message is reaching the right people at the right time in their customer journey. I’ll then test and optimise other ad elements until I find the magical combination that speaks to your ideal audience at the best possible ROAS. Once we have a few solid creatives, a proven audience and a funnel that converts, the next step will be to create a successful scaling campaign. I’ll dig into your existing organic social media content strategy and look at how it’s performing when it comes to nurturing and growing your audience because ads should complement and amplify your brand message.  If you haven’t already got a self-sustaining lead generation ad sequence, we can look at building an automated and sustainable one that never goes out of style using one of your proven products so you can consistently bring in new clients and passive income, while always treating your budget as if it’s my own.

Packages start at £700/month

minimum 3-month commitment

Hi, I’m Natasha.

I’m here to help you scale and grow your business through Facebook and Instagram Ads.  I’ll create and implement a customised, profitable ad strategy in alignment with your goals and values.  I’ll use data-driven decisions to create consistent growth that allows you to expand your impact and increase your ability to create positive change in the world. 

I’ve invested in Facebook and Instagram Ad training, so I can confidently use these skills to help businesses I serve keep growing.  And I’m part of a collaborative community of other Facebook Ad experts who love to share what’s working right now.  With experience and training in social media strategy and management, I also love to dig into your organic social media strategy and find ways for ad campaigns to complement what you’re already doing well.

Facebook Ad Strategist
Ads are essential to expanding your impact. When done right, your ads show up in front of the people who are eager to engage with your work, honour the values that built your community and grow your business with a little grit and a lot of grace.

Find out how ads can amplify the growth of your thriving business